Digital Content Creator
Los Angeles - USA

If Tillavision doesn’t inspire you, we’re not sure what will. Tilla's passion for digital art began as a child playing Mario Paint on Super Nintendo.
Decades later, three of his animated lyric videos are top trending on Youtube at the same time gaining hundreds of millions of views while building a solo career as an NFT artist, selling single pieces as high as six figures and getting shout outs from Beeple on twitter.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Tilla has created digital content ranging from 3D to AR (augmented reality), and VR (virtual reality) for Nicki Minaj, Dj Khaled, Drake, Swae Lee, and many others..
His next big venture is launching Crypto Money Records, the world's first Meta Label, a term he coined for an agency offering all Metaverse related needs for Avatar talent.
This is the tale true of someone who’s simply doing what he loves, finding success in endless facets of entertainment along the way.

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